Bridge The Gap Between Home & School

We Help Parents of Kids with Special Needs Incorporate School Skills at home.

As career special educators we’ll coach parents and work with students to consistently and reliably transfer the work teachers are doing at school to the home setting.

We work on academic, behavioral, social & functional skills.

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These are real notes from students’ parents. The names and photos have been changed to protect privacy.

Hi! Nice to Meet you. My Name is....

Lauren Ungar!

I’ve taught students with special needs (mild to severe) for 17 years in a public school setting. I’ve recently retired from teaching but am more passionate than ever about helping kids with special needs.


I’ve witnessed the gap between school and home. There’s a ton of reasons why it’s hard for parents to incorporate the work the teachers are doing in school at home. My job now, is to bring consistency into the home to better achieve academic, behavioral, social and functional goals.


I provide individualized services based on each family’s unique needs and goals. 


In general though, I work on school goals, developing home goals and providing social skills opportunities. I provide direct instruction to the students and also work with parents on how to implement and support teaching techniques in the home. Consistency at home is an important component of success at school.


I can also review IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans) or 504 plans to answer questions, provide general guidance and make sure the plans are in compliance.

I’m experienced and trained to teach reading, writing, math, fine motor skills, daily living/ adaptive behavior skills, social skills & emotional skills.

Session lengths are typically 30- 60 minutes per day and we can meet 1- 5 days per week. Session length and frequency will vary depending on your child’s needs and goals. I’ll routinely monitor and review the plan as things may change over time as your child grows and progresses.

I’ve worked with children for over 20 years. First in private daycare settings and later in public elementary schools.

I earned my teaching credential in 2006 and have taught elementary- aged kids (Pre-K to 5th) since then.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Early Child Education and have taught in Virginia, California and South Carolina.


I’m also a mom. I’ve had to navigate the special education landscape as a parent (a very different experience than being a teacher).  I know how hard it is to transfer skills/ goals from the structured school- environment to the home setting. Seeing the families of my students struggle with this and then experiencing it first- hand was the inspiration behind Special Ed Support Coach.

I’ve been fortunate to teach in a wide variety of general and special education classrooms. I’ve worked with students with mild needs only requiring consultative services and students with severe special needs requiring significant intervention.


I’ve worked in “self- contained” classrooms, resource/ learning center classrooms (students come to the special education classroom for 30- 60 minutes for reading, writing, social skills, math and/ or behavior) and have co- taught with general education teachers in the general education classrooms.

No, I am not an advocate. Advocates help parents navigate the special education process to make sure the child gets the appropriate services and support. They provide guidance on education laws, right and procedures and use this knowledge to work with and sometimes pressure the school to create effective IEPs or 504 plans. Advocates may attend school meetings and can sometimes mediate disputes between the school and parents. Though they don’t provide “legal services” advocates can be helpful for parents in understanding and asserting their child’s rights under special education law.


I am a teacher and coach first. My job is to help your child achieve their individual goals. This also includes coaching parents and supporting teachers. As part of this though, I can review IEPs, create home goals in support of the IEP, make recommendations and provide explicit guidance as well as ensuring the IEP and school process is in compliance.

Yes… but.


I’m based in Indian Land, SC. I do not have a “facility.” My in- person sessions are in your home (this is intentional so I can work on home goals). In person sessions are offered in Indian Land, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Waxhaw and Charlotte.


I can offer remote or hybrid sessions when it makes sense for the students and their individual goals.  If remote or hybrid teaching works for you, I can work anywhere. 

Where We Work?

We’re based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. We work closely with families in the South Carolina communities of Fort Mill, Indian Land, Lancaster and Rock Hill. We also work in the North Carolina communities of Ballantyne, Charlotte, Waxhaw & Weddington.


That said… we offer in- person, hybrid and remote sessions. This means we can work with families just about anywhere. Let’s chat to discuss the appropriate teaching environment for you and your child.

Have Questions?

Feel Free To Reach Out. The World Of Special Education Can Be Overwhelming. We're Here To Help!